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We envision a world where every individual, regardless of background or location, has access to safe, meaningful, and sustainable outdoor learning opportunities. Through our expertise in curriculum design, safety consulting, and strategic partnerships, we strive to shape the future of outdoor education by setting international standards, inspiring innovation, and equipping educators and practitioners with the necessary tools and knowledge to create a culture of safety and excellence in outdoor education.


At Global Outdoor Education Consulting, our mission is to empower educators, practitioners and organizations worldwide to provide exceptional outdoor education experiences that foster personal growth, environmental stewardship, and global citizenship. 

Through our purposeful curriculum design, safety consulting services, and professional development programs, we are committed to promoting quality, safety, and sustainability in every aspect of outdoor education.


To be the leading global catalyst for transformative outdoor education experiences.

Value using GO-ECG


We embrace a culture of continuous growth in outdoor education and adventure. We strive to expand our knowledge, skills, and impact, fostering personal and professional development for individuals and organizations.


We foster an environment of openness and inclusivity in outdoor education and adventure. We value diverse perspectives, encourage open communication, and create a safe space for sharing ideas, experiences, and best practices.


We believe in the power of experiential learning in outdoor education and adventure. We design and facilitate hands-on, immersive experiences that engage learners, promote active participation, and foster deep connections with the natural world.


We promote collaboration and teamwork in outdoor education and adventure. We believe that through partnerships, knowledge sharing, and collective efforts, we can achieve greater impact and drive innovation in the field.

The G.O.E.C. values of Growth, Openness, Experiential, and Collaborative guide our approach and actions in outdoor education and adventure. They reflect our commitment to continuous learning, inclusive communication, immersive experiences, and collaborative efforts, ensuring impactful and transformative outdoor education for all.

Globalization: We embrace globalization in outdoor education and adventure. We recognize the interconnectedness of our world and value cross-cultural understanding, international collaborations, and the exchange of ideas and practices to enhance outdoor education experiences globally.

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