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Outdoor education experiences



We envision a world where every individual, regardless of background or location, has access to safe, meaningful, and sustainable outdoor learning opportunities. Through our expertise in curriculum design, safety consulting, and strategic partnerships, we strive to shape the future of outdoor education by setting international standards, inspiring innovation, and equipping educators and practitioners with the necessary tools and knowledge to create a culture of safety and excellence in outdoor education.

Image by Justin Kauffman

Our Services


Our consulting services at Global Outdoor Education Consulting Group offer personalized guidance and expertise in developing and implementing effective outdoor education programs. We collaborate with organizations to design customized curricula, provide professional development for educators, and establish partnerships to maximize the impact of outdoor education initiatives.


With a focus on personal growth and skill development, our development services empower individuals to discover their potential and build resilience through outdoor education. Through leadership programs, confidence-building activities, and self-discovery journeys, we help individuals cultivate essential life skills, deepen their connection with nature, and pursue meaningful paths in life.


Our audit services ensure the highest standards in outdoor education by evaluating program compliance, risk management practices, program effectiveness, sustainability efforts, and partnerships. Our experienced auditors conduct thorough assessments, provide comprehensive reports with actionable recommendations, and support organizations in implementing improvements to enhance safety, quality, and the overall impact of outdoor education programs.

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